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3 Tips For Raising Your Vibration (01 Jun 2008)
One of the most important things to work on and maintain when it comes to using the law of attraction and attracting everything you want in your life is your ability to raise and maintain a high vibration. Just as light travels at a certain vibration, as does sound, and everything else in the universe, we must learn to raise our own vibration and keep it up in order to maximize our results with the law of attraction. Here are five tips for getting your vibration up as well as keeping it there.

Thoughts Are Energy, Thoughts Are Things (01 Jun 2008)
The immense Universe is an enormous energy-network in which everything and every person is connected at an energetic level. There is only one Source of life that expresses itself through person, animal, plant or mineral. Nothing is separated from this energetic network.

Energy and Vibration (01 Jun 2008)
Often as we work hard towards achieving a certain goal, whatever that maybe, and we seem to be doing all the right things that are required on the outer level, the material level, but the goal still eludes us and we sit there annoyed and distressed wondering what went wrong.

Law of Attraction – Vibration Therapy (01 Jun 2008)
We invest time and energy in healing our skin, our relationships, our colons, our cars and many other “things” in life. But many of us ignore the most important therapy we could attend to – our vibration.

Science Of Vibration In Every Aspect Of The Physical World (30 May 2008)
The entire physical universe is made up of pure energy and vibration. When you have the insight to see everything as vibration, the nature of the universe is revealed to you. Once you are aware of this principle and always think in terms of vibration, you can understand practically everything that happens in the physical world. This is one of the governing dynamics that allows you to make sense of everything.

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