Out-of-Body Experiences OBEs

Out-of-Body Experiences OBEs
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2 Astral Travel Techniques Explained – Have an Out of Body Experience Effortlessly (26 Jul 2008)
This is REALLY easy. You simply get a good idea of a place in your home, office or anywhere really that you are VERY familiar, and visualize it when you close your eyes. (when attempting OBE of course..:-) The key is, you have to have a VERY refined sense of this particular place – what it feels like, looks like, smells like, etc. By immersing your inner “eye” in this environment during the OBE exercise, if you are ANYTHING like me, you’ll find this to be a powerful catalyst to actually shifting your internal perspective to that specific locale completely. A bona fide OBE is often very close behind!

How to Have an Out of Body Experience! (17 Jul 2008)
I´m sure you have heard of people having an Out of body experience or an Astral Projection. Its the ability to leave your physical body and explore the world and other levels of existence through your astral body. There are several things that you need to keep your focus on in order to achieve this state and to astral project while keeping a conscious mind.

Astonishing – Fastest Way to Have an Out Of Body Experience Revealed (13 Jun 2008)
In this article we are going to discuss what I believe is the fastest way to have an out of body experience. Interestingly, there are any number of increasingly popular ways to explore the astral realms, and if you believe a lot of OBE practitioners, the ability to project is well within ALL of our natural sets of skills. I’ve been actively engaged in the wild and wooly supernatural surfboard for more than 10 years, and having had lots of experiences rich and disappointing both, I’ll share my number one projection method below!

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