Near-Death Experiences NDEs

Near-Death Experiences NDEs
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Near Death Experiences – Realities, Facts And Inspiration (11 Jun 2008)
Are Near Death Experiences really true? Do they prove the existence of life after death? What happens to people who have near death experiences? Check out this article and learn the facts.

Can Near Death Experiences Prove There is Life After Death? (11 Jun 2008)
While psychology has long employed the scientific method to help determine cause-and-effect relationships, the experience of near death may not be so easily studied. For many, the chief question of near death experiences is whether there is part of us that is distinct from the body.

Near Death Experiences – Fascinating & Helpful Accounts From Those Who Have Died And Come Back (11 Jun 2008)
I first learned about near death experiences from one of my clients who had undergone surgery and died on the operating table. She recalled floating above the operating table and watching the medical team work on her. She felt no pain. After watching for a few moments, she was whisked away into a bright light.

Spirituality and Death – Near Death Experiences Change Lives And Deepen Spirituality (10 Jun 2008)
Thanks to extensive research done in the last twenty-five years or so, some investigators view near death experiences (NDEs) as portals to spiritual illumination and personal transformation. Studies clearly show that NDEs help people to make permanent changes in their lives, including a deepening of their spiritual understanding and development.

Life After Death and Near Death Experiences re These People for Real or Are They Crazy? (10 Jun 2008)
There may be a fine line between mystical experience and hallucinations. On the one hand, our imaginations are boundless and our connection with other realms is limitless. A person’s spiritual experience is personal and should not be shunned or ridiculed by another person. We are all on a spiritual path and we are one in spirit.

Near Death Experiences – Are They For Real? (10 Jun 2008)
When George T, a resident of Romania, swallowed some sleeping pills in order to end his life, he hardly knew what lay in store for him. Instead of falling into a coma, George seemed to have stepped into a conscious dream – he saw two tall, sturdy men take him to the ambulance where he sat beside the driver all the way to the hospital. Reaching the hospital, George saw something even more stranger – from a distance, he witnessed the frantic efforts of the doctors to resuscitate him as he lay on the hospital bed.

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