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Ghosts and Spirits – The Difference (31 Jul 2008)
When talking about the difference between Ghosts and Spirits many people assume that both words are used to describe the same entity. This is not the case and this article attempts to explain the difference between a ghost and a spirit. Ghost hunters and Paranormal Investigators tend to presume that the difference is obvious to all of us but in fact when asked most people do not really understand ghost and spirit activity differ greatly.

Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival – Zhong Yuan Jie (-C’) (31 Jul 2008)
By now you should probably be aware of the 2008 Summer Olympics to be held in Beijing, China, this coming August. However, there is at least another event going on in (and beneath) China during August. Every year, during the seventh month of the Chinese Calendar, it is believed that the Gates of Hell will be opened and all Hell beings (well, not nearly all, only those well-behaved ones) will be set to roam freely on Earth for a month.

How Does One Become A Ghost? (27 Jul 2008)
Ghosts have always been a mysterious and fear evoking topic for most of us. Fear of the unknown has affected every individual on this Earth since ages. The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has conducted research into the subtle world for the past 20 years with the objective to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown.

Ghost Hunting – The Thrill of the Hunt (27 Jul 2008)
The term ‘ghost hunting’ is very suggestive of what you might expect when attending a ghost hunt event. In some ways I think it can sound very disrespectful to the spirits that we attempt to make contact with. Another way of describing it is as a ‘paranormal investigation’. This sounds much more authentic and scientific. Although the two are very different in the respect of a scientific approach to a ghost hunt event they can ultimately mean the same thing. For the purposes of this article I will call it Ghost Hunting as I want to discuss the thrill of this fascinating experience.

Sorcerers – Most Powerful Type of Ghosts (15 Jul 2008)
The sorcerers of the subtle regions are the topmost echelon in the hierarchy of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc). Spiritual research conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) shows that the relative spiritual strength of sorcerers is in the range between 100,000 units to infinity. This is compared to the relative strength of a common ghost which is 1. This means that the power of the highest Sorcerer would be almost comparable to the unmanifest form of God.

Various Types of Ghosts (15 Jul 2008)
You have read volumes about ghosts and have browsed hundreds of websites to devour more information on ghosts, but have you ever wondered how many types of ghosts there are? The fact is that there are various types of ghosts out there and all these are minutely described and documented by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF).

How To Use An Ouija Board Safely (15 Jul 2008)
An in depth look at how to use an Ouija Board safely and successfully. This article takes the reader from start to finish in a safe and methodical manner of what to do and how to keep control of the situation.

Are There Ghosts Or Entities in Your Life (15 Jul 2008)
Ghosts and entities are very real in this world. There are a variety of entities that can attach to us causing anywhere from an irritation to significant side effects. Entities and ghosts are attracted to certain energies or behaviors in people than others. They can be removed fairly easily.

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