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Learn Astrology – Why Sun Signs Don’t Always Work (22 May 2008)
If you are learning astrology, you may want to be able to explain to doubters why Sun signs sometimes don’t work. Here is a thorough treatment of the subject for you. After you master this material, you will be able to help others to learn astrology.

Astrology & The 2008 US Presidential Election – 1952 Deja Vu?(22 May 2008)
According to well-known political pundit James Carville, the 2008 U.S. presidential election may be an echo of the Eisenhower vs. Stevenson contest that took place in 1952. Here’s one astrologer’s take on that pronouncement…one that heartily agrees with Carville’s assessment.

Astrology – Smart People Use Astrology (22 May 2008)
Smart people have been using Astrology since it began. A lot of historical people were Astrologers. How many do you know?

Astrology is Mystical (22 May 2008)
As the time has elapsed, there has been more and more pressure to cope up with the adverse situation that might arrive in every ones life. There are a lot of incidents in a man’s life that would look like a bolt from blue.

Astrology’s Leo Lucky Days; When Good Fortune Smiles on You(22 May 2008)
People born in the days between July 23rd and August 21st, have the Zodiac sun sign of Leo the Lion. As a Leo, you probably know your basic Horoscope, but did you know certain days, even hours each day are fortunate for you just because of your sign? Read on and learn those days and time when good fortune falls to you.

The Study of History and Astrology (22 May 2008)
The history of astrology is actually quite interesting. Astrology has been a major part of many cultures going back to pre-historic times. Some of the history of astrology is masked in controversy and mystery, because astrology was used before tools were developed to see planets that cannot be seen without the naked eye.

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